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Personalised Bad Santa Letter and a whole lot more!

Our bad Santa letters are fully personalised to allow you to wind up any unsuspecting adult. The bad Santa letter mentions their name, address, their friend and a choice of rude names. There is also a paragraph where you can write what you want, this means you can be as lewd, crude and rude as you like. We don't check them.... promise!!

Every order comes with...

Remember, you get a letter, a certificate, a poo photo and a free text. All for £4.99.

The Extra's

Professionally printed on full colour paper, your bad Santa letter includes a Certificate, confirming the recipient is a "TW*T" a photograph of "Reindeer poo" and a free text from Santa in the run up to Christmas.

A Great Wind-Up

This is a great wind up for adult friends and family and the best thing is they will never know who sent it!! Personalised letter, certificate, photo and a text from santa, all for £4.99.